Red, Gray & Blue

As a futurist, I believe we need a long range view that considers the impacts of today’s decisions on tomorrow’s reality and the well-being of our people and planet. Following are some of the future ideals upon which this website stands:

            Communities and families that are safe and nurturing

            Freedom and the pursuit of happiness as embodied in our United States Constitution

            Pursuit of knowledge and wisdom beyond narrow ideologies

            Freedom of speech, but within an atmosphere of civil discourse

            A free society where the rights of the individual are balanced with the common good

            Recognition that our earth is a precious resource and a gift we must use wisely

            The triumph of kindness over cruelty and altruism over self-centered interest

            Equal opportunity, tolerance and compassion for all peoples

            A government of the people, for the people and by the people
            Government that is representative, responsible and responsive to average citizens
            Government that is open to effective public scrutiny and oversight

            Media that embodies truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, and fairness
A system of justice that deters and constrains harmful behavior

Judith Lewis
Iconoclastic Opinionator and Contrarian 

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